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Your brag sheet, resume and curriculum vitae (c.v.) are all related but they are not all the same.  They are all used to record your accomplishments but they are used for different reasons and purposes.

brag sheet is used to give to teachers, family and other potential persons who can write you a letter of recommendation.  Your brag sheet will include all your accomplishments, your extra-curriculars, your involvements and other types of important information that is needed to write your a great letter of recommendation.

resume is used by employers to view your educational background, work experience, skills and other information that is relevant to the job you are applying for.  A resume is generally 1 page long.

curriculum vitae, c.v. or vitae for short, is also used by employers much like a resume is.  However, a c.v. is much longer and much more detailed.  A c.v. can and often is more than 1 page long.

Your cover letter is a personalized cover stating your intentions in submitting a brag sheet, resume or c.v. to the individual(s)/employer(s)/institution(s) you are submitting it to.

Use the templates below to help you create a personal and professional cover letter, brag sheet and/or resume.